Gas Boilers & Central Heating 

We can install a gas condensing boiler or a full central heating systems or a single radiator in your home. 


Upgrading your boiler will make your home more energy efficient meaning that you will spend less money on heating your home and can spend more money on the things you enjoy.If you have a boiler that was installed pre 2003, you could save a third on your heating bill and reduce your properties CO2 emissions by 800kg a year.


All of the boiler installations will include installing a magnetic anti sludge filter 

Boilers are largely made of metal and they contain water: in other words, a recipe for rust to be formed. Chemicals will prevent the majority of debris build-up in a heating system, but ferrous metal sludge needs to be filtered out. By installing a magnetic boiler sludge filter on your central heating flow or return, you can make the removal and cleaning an easier process. What’s more, because the sludge is being trapped and filtered as it’s created, you’re preventing it from circulating through your boiler.

We install all makes of boiler, however, we recommend Baxi as they are an extremely reliable boiler with a excellent warranty. Warranties with Baxi boilers range from 5 years -10 years dependant on the model, covering all parts and labour.


Enery Related Products Directive


All boilers we fit are ErP(Energy Related Products) which relates to the labelling on boilers, similar to the Energy labelling on washing machines etc. It is designed to lower emissions and improve boiler efficiency



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  • Jeanette (Wednesday, September 28 16 12:51 am BST)

    We can not thank you enough for all your hard work on our dilapidated bathroom. You have transformed it! Your work and the products you have fitted are of the highest quality! Many thanks Jeanette

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